The Two Wheel Tractor

The two wheel tractor is a popular agricultural machinery that can be found worldwide. A two-wheel tractor also known as walking tractor are the terms which are understood in Europe and the United States to represent a single axle tractor. This type of tractor is self propelled and powered, which means that it can pull and power several farming implements such as the following: Harrow, cultivator, plough, trailer and several harvesters and seeders.

Usually the operator of the two-wheel tractor rides the implement that is being towed or walks behind it. Sometimes similar terms are confused with the household implement called Power tiller or rotary tiller. It gets mistakenly because it may be wheeled and self propelled, but not often. The rotary tillers are a type of cultivator used for secondary tillage. They are smaller and specialize in soil tillage. Some of the terms that are used to identify walking tractors are the following: Kubota, iron ox, ox machine, rotary hoe, tok-tok, rotary plough, rotavator, mechanical ox, power tiller and rotary tiller. The two-wheel tractor has the ability to operate disparate types of agricultural equipment. This type of tractor for agriculture production offered with a variety of attachments such as: Moldboard, rotovators, disc plow, spike tooth arrows, planters, transplanters and seeders. The two wheel tractor attachments for plant protection consist of several sprayers and inter cultivators. For transportation there is available trailers with a capacities from 0.5 to 2 tons of cargoes.

Gravely tractors was established in 1916 and began the production of walking tractors with moldboard plows. The gravely two wheel tractor slowly became one of the most recognized lawn and farm machinery in the United States. Some of the issues associated with the operation of this tractor are involved with crossing the bunds and road transportation. Gather more facts here about the two-wheel tractor.

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